Here at HeadWings we are feather fanatics.. Gathering feathers for more than 15 years, we have built up quite a collection! Traditionally, feathers have been used as antennae to connect with the spirit world. For us, feathers symbolize freedom… Freedom to create, to express yourself as an individual, and to tread lightly on the earth making our way by doing something we love, inspired by the astounding beauty of the natural world.
Protecting our planet is important to us. Many birds are exploited, poached or mistreated for their feathers and we believe it is our duty to source our feathers ethically. We donate to bird sanctuaries who give us feathers which have fallen naturally from birds in their care. Birds molt once a year so our source of feathers is limited which makes each one rare and special. We recycle feathers which would otherwise be discarded and we welcome donated feathers from people who keep birds. However, our absolute favourites are the ones we find on walks in the wild… We also think its important to raise awareness of the plight of these magnificent creatures worldwide, and for every sale we make, we donate to http://www.birdlife.org who are a long-standing international charity that works with conservation organisations that strive to protect birds and conserve their habitats.
Our designs depend on the feathers we have available to us, therefore many of our pieces are impossible to repeat. Although we have many beautiful designs ready-made, we love to work directly with the customer to create individual and unique bespoke pieces. We can work together every step of the way, choosing feathers and colours to ensure the finished product is perfect for any occasion.
Our range includes: Our exclusive HeadWings (crowns) – EarWings (ear cuffs) – Smudging Wands & Bouquets – Top Hats – Earrings -Boutonnieres
Our Bridal range offers beautiful accessories not only for the bride, but for the groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and more..
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