Fun Wedding Extravaganza – 3 Celebrations, 2 Continents!

Hello hello! Today’s blog is an absolute booby dazzler. We bring you Rebecca & Tristan’s fun Wedding EXTRAVAGANZA. This spectacular celebration spanned 3 days and 2 continents! Featuring a Tardis suit, a Dalek wedding cake, a jaunt around London, a dinosaur suit, and fairground games! Our little wedding-enthusiast heads are exploding! 

When planning this badass wedding, the main aim was: ‘Everybody eats and nobody cries’ – How perfect! The couple wanted to incorporate all the things they love and ditch the traditions that didn’t feel right. You’re gonna love reading about this one!

Huge thanks to Felicity Westmacott Bespoke Bridal for sending this in! Photos by Yuriy Nutsa (Canandaigua), Babb Photography, (London) & Rivas Photography (Kansas City)
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Fun Wedding Planning - It all started with the dress!

For her super fun wedding celebrations, gorgeous Bride Rebecca rocked a jewel green Victorian wedding dress! Here’s what she told us:

“The dress was a big thing for me because I look and feel terrible in white, so I knew it would have to be made. I love historical styles so I searched for historical dressmakers and found Felicity Westmacott, who took my incoherent ‘things I like’ list and found a way to make it beautiful. Because that was the first decision made, the style of the dress had an impact on everything else, including the venues and styling.”

Dressmaker Felicity told us:

“To re-create Rebecca’s Victorian wedding-dress look, think about the colours that suit you best and use that as a starting point. What’s great about using period styles as inspiration as they are so diverse. Rebecca’s dress was a style from the mid-Victorian era but over the 70-year Victorian span, styles changed a lot. You can research and find a decade where the look appeals the most and then seek those style elements. Having a dress made bespoke means you’ll have the most control, and a perfect fit!”

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Choose What You LOVE for a super Fun Wedding!

Rebecca and Tristan really incorporated their personalities into their eclectic, fun wedding days. Just look at their beaming smiles!

“We used our favorite colors and we chose our favourite restaurants as caterers. We love Dr Who, so I made sure there were pieces of it here and there, plus a little Buffy, a little country music, and some dinosaurs. We included some more traditional elements like a handmade Paper Moon photo booth (because my favourite picture of my great-grandfather is him in a paper moon in the 1910s).”


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Why have 1 wedding day when you can have 3?

Yes, this badass couple really did have 3 wedding days! LOVE it!

“We knew going into wedding planning that we would have to have at least two weddings. It’s difficult to get everyone in one room, even when your families don’t live on three continents! So, that left room to play around with what we used in each place, picking and choosing bits of things we love. 

Each time we wore the same wedding wear, had a piñata, drank out of Solo cups and wrote our own vows. We also changed things to suit the location. In New York, we went traditional and a bit geeky, with a program that was also a fan, a Tardis guestbook, and a traditional Italian-American cookie table. In London, it was a little bit fancy and a little bit fairground, so we had canapés, champagne, and a coconut shy. In Kansas City, it was rustic, with a cowboy hat, quilts on the chairs, and tractor confetti. 

The most important part about each day is that it was about the people who were there and making sure that everyone would be able to have fun.”

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Fun Wedding Planning Advice from the lovely bride...

These fun wedding celebrations simply look spectacular! We love how the couple is unapologetically doing it their way. Here’s Rebecca’s advice for those looking to plan an eclectic and fun wedding:

“Focus on who you two are. What things do you love and how can you incorporate these things? Most importantly, which things will you remember and be happy about later, and which will no one ever notice? We went cheap for things like plates and silverware- no one remembers or cares, so we got disposables (I tried hard to have recycled and/or compostable, although that wasn’t always possible). By aiming for ‘perfectly imperfect’, we were able to save money on things people might not notice, and put that towards things like food (that people are more likely to enjoy) or like photography that we’ll keep looking at.”

Searching thrift stores, savvy internet shopping, saving glass jars, and making DIY decorations are all awesome ways to find those perfect bits and pieces! You can’t go wrong when you’re staying true to yourself! 

We hope you’ve loved this awesome wedding inspiration as much as we have! Be sure to check out the rest of our blog for alternative, quirky and fun wedding inspo! 

Supplier Shout Outs!

Yuriy Nutsa, Photographer 1 (Canandaigua wedding)

Babb Photography, Photographer 2 (London Wedding)

Kyle and Melissa Rivas, Photographer 3 (Kansas City wedding)

Felicity Westmacott Bespoke Bridal (wedding dress)

Beth Moody (Corset)

Lisa Murley, Limedrop Events (NY wedding planner)

Granger Homestead and Marriage Museum (NY Venue)

Lisa at Flower Power Decor (Canandaigua flowers)

Rochester NY Wedding Cakes (cake at Canandaigua wedding)

McCarthy Events (rentals at Canandaigua)

Nikki De May (hair and makeup at Canandaigua wedding)

Unique and Trendy (vest-tops for getting dressed pictures in Canandaigua) (groom’s Tardis suit for dancing in Canandaigua)

Notebooks for Geeks (Tardis guestbook)

Enchanted Craft (Tardis ring box in Canandaigua)

Streatham Wine House (reception venue in London)

Flower Sanctuary (Bouquet in London)

Nikki from Pretty Me Vintage (hair and makeup in London)

Johnston & Murphy (groom’s shoes in Canandaigua and London)

Artifice Prodduciones (bespoke ‘cake topper’ of bride and groom)

Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm Historic Site (pre-ceremony pictures in Kansas City)

Rio Theater (post-reception pictures in Kansas City)

Hello Lovely (hair and makeup in Kansas City)

AAA party rental (rentals in Kansas City)

Rabar Berry (laser-cut wood slice cake topper in Kansas City)

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