How To ROCK Your Wedding Styling

Have you thought about your wedding styling yet? Or are you questioning what wedding styling even is!? Put simply, your wedding styling is how everything looks, from the broad details like the overall decor to the tiny elements like fonts on a menu (if you choose to go that deep!).

I’m pretty sure within 0.5 seconds of being engaged, most couples fall headfirst into a Pinterest hole of overwhelm. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

I’m Rebecca, wedding planner at By Rebecca Brennan-Brown. I’m so excited to be guest posting here at Unconventional Wedding and talking to you about how to make your wedding styling epic. I studied art & design at UCA and have been a wedding planner for 10+ years, meaning the things I’ve said below are based on foundational knowledge and experience. HOWEVER (!), I firmly believe your wedding should be uniquely you, so as you’re reading this, please take the things that work for you and leave the rest. There’s no pressure here, good vibes only.


Feature photo by Vicki Clayson Photography
Rebecca Brennan-Brown - alternative Wedding Planner - London wedding planner - UK creative wedding planner - unconventional wedding - alternative wedding directory
Photo courtesy of Olegs Samsonovos and By Rebecca Brennan Brown
Rebecca Brennan-Brown - alternative Wedding Planner - London wedding planner - UK creative wedding planner - unconventional wedding
Photo courtesy of Olegs Samsonovs and By Rebecca Brennan Brown

How to ROCK your wedding styling

Start Broad

create a foundation

colour & design

inspo hunting

making it you

Wedding Styling 101 - Start Broad

Your wedding might be something you’ve been dreaming about for years, or it might be something you have never considered before. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, that’s cool with me. It’s a good idea to start by thinking about what you like and don’t like in a general sense. You might hate pink, you might be a rockstar in hiding, or is intricate detail more your thing?

Inspiration at home

Try not to get too bogged down with picturing a wedding in your mind. Think more broadly about your styles both as individual people and as a couple. Your home is a great place to start as that’s likely to be a reliable representation of you both. Are there clearly defined areas that resemble one of you more than the other? Or have you managed to find a compromised middle ground across your home? If you’re stuck, take a look in your wardrobe, think about what seasons you’re more drawn to, and consider what you’ve liked or disliked at other people’s weddings (real or fictional!).

colourful wedding table - wedding sunflowers - eclectic wedding table
Photo courtesy of Ellen Forster Photography from blog 'Outdoor Rainbow Wedding'
80s themed wedding - colourful wedding - 80s wedding - 80s wedding styling - quirky wedding styling - retro wedding
Photo courtesy of Jeanie Jean Photography from blog 'Fun 80s Themed Wedding'
alternative wedding - black and white wedding dress - dip dye wedding dress - ombre wedding dress - galaxy wedding dress - celestial wedding dress - ombre wedding veil - alternative bridal wear - alternative wedding dress
Photo courtesy of Emma-Jane Photography from blog 'Luxury Galaxy Wedding'

Creating A Foundation

Most of the time, we think of wedding styling after the venue is booked, so you have something to build on. If you haven’t booked a venue yet, I would say it’s best to get that nailed down before finalising any styling. (You might love: The Best Alternative Wedding Venues)

It’s important to consider things like lighting. Is there a lot of natural light? Or is it quite dark? Are there any colours heavily featured in the decor? Is it modern, rustic, or traditional? Perhaps there’s something super funky and cool that you want to focus on. For example, I recently worked in an incredible old theatre in Catford (pictured below). The Broadway Theatre has a classic massive stage with a vintage red curtain, so we focussed everything to highlight that gorgeous velvet feature!

Take note of any quirky elements and the main spaces if you can. It’s great to have something to refer back to!

Wedding Photo in Museum by T Rex Fossil-Unique Wedding Venues- Unconventional Wedding- Lina & Tom Photography-
Photo courtesy of Lina & Tom Photography from blog 'The Best Alternative Wedding Venues'

Wedding Styling Tips: Colours & Designs

When choosing wedding colours, there are a few things to think about: the venue, the season, and your taste.

As we all know, brighter colours tend to be used more in summer, and darker in winter. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose to brighten up a miserable November day with some neon!

It is worth keeping in mind the season for some more practical elements. If you’re getting married in the winter, crisp, cool colours like whites and blues can sometimes make a space feel cold and harsh. If you’re looking to have any fresh flowers, it’s also worth considering what actually grows at that time of year. For example, if you love pink peonies, they’re near impossible to get in September!

Colour Theory:

I like to work with five colours but remember, they’re not all used in equal amounts. Start by choosing your lightest colour (often white or cream), then your darkest, and fill in the gaps. Have a quick google search of ‘colour theory’ if you’d like to learn a bit more about what colour pairings are easier on the eye. However, as I’ve said before, this has to work for you, so break the rules! Go with all darks, or all bright colours if that’s what you love. If you love it, then it can’t be wrong.

Emily&Geoff- Nicki Shea Photography- Circus wedding- decor
Photo courtesy of Nicki Shea Photography from blog 'Emily & Geoff's Circus Wedding Day'
Individual Wedding Inspiration- Alexandra Fehér Photography- unique wedding inspiration-rock and roll wedding inspiration- neon wedding- lgbtq wedding- same sex wedding- industrial wedding
Photo courtesy of Alexandra Fehér Photography

Finding Wedding Styling Inspiration

In 2021, we’re lucky to have so many incredible resources right at our fingertips, just like this one! Across the whole Unconventional Wedding site, you’ll find a whole host of inspiration from real weddings, on blog posts, and from some of the UK’s most talented alternative wedding suppliers.

As a wedding supplier, I can say firsthand that I love creating and sharing images to my Instagram for couples to take inspiration from. Many other suppliers and couples do the same, so searching hashtags on Instagram can unearth some absolute gems of inspiration.

And then there’s Pinterest. Anything you could ever want to see for your wedding is on Pinterest; you just have to find it. Be specific with your search terms. Instead of searching ‘wedding’, search for ‘unique rocker wedding Brighton’, for example. You’ll get much more relevant results. It works just like Google!

amethyst cake - crystal wedding cake - unique wedding cake - alternative wedding cake - unconventional wedding
Photo courtesy of Doodah Photography from blog 'Celestial Gothic Wedding Inspiration'
circus woodland wedding - retro mr & mrs sign - quirky wedding backdrop
Photo courtesy of Key Reflections Photography from blog 'Circus Woodland Wedding'
Festival Wedding- Joelle Poulos- Sign
Photo courtesy of Joelle Poulos Photography from blog 'Colourful Festival Wedding'
Rebecca Brennan-Brown - alternative Wedding Planner - London wedding planner - UK wedding planner
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Brennan-Brown

Making it YOU

And finally, you have to make your wedding styling yours. Your wedding day should be a representation of who you are as two different people, as well as the life you are about to start together. If your partner loves cars, sunflowers, or The Greatest Showman, find a way of incorporating that into your day, even if it’s a small touch! Be flexible and respectful of each other’s tastes, and know that there’s no right or wrong answer. If you love it, that’s more than enough.

If you’d like to learn more about me or chat about all things weddings, you can check out my website here and my Unconventional Wedding listing here. Happy Planning!

colourful bohemian wedding - 70s wedding - campervan wedding - hippie wedding - colourful wedding backdrop
Photo courtesy of By Vicky Photography from our blog 'Colourful Bohemian Wedding'

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