Bespoke Sonnets for wedding vows, readings and gifts

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We craft Bespoke Sonnets for wedding vows, readings, and gifts. The Sonnet is a beautiful and romantic form of poetry, consisting of 14 lines written in iambic pentameter verse. It explores a theme or idea. The Sonnet has captured some of the most timeless and powerful poetic ideas of the years. 

Bespoke Sonnets are created through consultation with our couples and clients to gather your meanings and memories and set the tone and theme. After a draft is created there is plenty of scope for tweaks and perfecting the shape.

A Bespoke Sonnet is perfect for wedding vows, readings and for wedding keepsakes and can be provided as prints or framed and giftboxed. Sonnets can beautifully incorporate into stationary and ceremonies. They make a wonderful alternative to a classic verse and a touching moment in any speech.

We are pretty passionate about this poetry form and hope the art of the verse stands out. Ben has over 15 years writing Sonnets, studying dramatic verse and acting.

Coaching for a confident reading of your Sonnet is also available.

10% off with code ‘Unconventional’ if you contact us directly.

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