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Your wedding should be about you, not about what your granny thinks a wedding should be. I want to help you create a day that will be memorable for all the right reasons and be so perfectly “you” that everyone that knows you will wonder how it could have ever been any other way!

Through the wedding planning process, we’ll talk about everything you love about each other, about weddings and about life in general. We’ll also talk about everything you’re not so crazy about and find that perfect sweet spot. We’ll make it the wedding you’ve always wanted to go to but better because it’s yours. You’ll have people that don’t even like going to weddings wanting to relive yours again and again.

I’ll be honest, I’m not very good with small talk. Let’s get straight to the meaty stuff like “what order do you put the milk in when you make a brew?” and let’s get together, have a good chinwag and plan a wedding that will go down in history as legendary. 

Merseyside, Lancashire, North West England

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