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I create bespoke, hand painted wedding wear that shows off your unique personal style or theme. These custom designs are one-of-a-kind “wearable works of art,” painted entirely by hand for your day and beyond. I love working with couples who are looking a little off the beaten path and want clothing that can fit the story and aesthetic that is uniquely “them.”

Something for Everyone

Bridal gowns often take center stage in the world of weddings, but I also paint suits, jumpsuits, ties, scarves, socks. Anything that makes the day completely your own! Matching or complementary pieces for members of your family or party can make special, memorable gifts as well.

Eco-Friendly Fashion

I run a slower, more eco-conscious fashion business by painting on items given to me by the client or on high-quality secondhand or vintage pieces. The client and I often work together to find the perfect piece(s) to personalize.

In addition, the often non-traditional lean and personal nature of these works often means they don’t have to be one-use, but rather can be worn again and again after the event.

I also offer a small selection of pre-painted items to buy, rentals, and made to-order items!

1 free tie or scarf with order of 5 or more

15% off any dress


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