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BuyABrickForUs – Virtual Gifts, Real Money Your friends & family buy gifts for you from your personalised gift list & you get the money directly into your bank account to spend however you want. Your perfect gift list: Maybe the things you really want can’t be purchased at John Lewis or IKEA. Raise money and spend it the way you want. Build your home: Whether you’re buying your first home or looking for somewhere new for your family, BuyABrickForUs can help you to get started. Fund your honeymoon: Want to take a trip around the world, or just a jaunt to the sunny(ish) British coast? BuyABrickForUs can help with your honeymoon getaway. Make it your own: Using the unique gift-list builder you can add your own image and design & build your own quirky house & pile of gifts. Your friends & family can even gift you a custom gift of whatever you (or they!) want. Buy A Brick For Us is safe & secure. When someone buys a gift for you, the money goes directly & securely to you. And it’s available anywhere – whether checking your donations on the go, or if a friend want to buy you a last-minute gift on their phone during the Wedding Breakfast (looking at you, Janet ๐Ÿ™„), we’ve got you covered. Try it out and see how BuyABrickForUs works for you – sign up for free today!

Unconventional Wedding visitors can use the super-unique discount code unconventional to receive a dynamite 50% off all paid accounts!

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