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Let’s face it: When you’ve searched through unconventionalwedding.co.uk to find the quirky venue, ordered a unique cake and even found that very special florist, you will need to think about how your party will get there. The choice is endless, right? A snooty old Rolls? A grumpy old antique? A smelly horse and carriage? A boy-racer Lamborghini? 

** YAWN **

Tara releases people from the chains of boring. She’s the cutest, blingiest and campest of all the possible wedding cars in the whole wide world. Dressed in yellow and green (currently a lovely off the shoulder number), she’s an authentic Indian three wheeler (tuk tuk) with attitude. Fully modified and licenced for the UK roads, she will provide the normal wedding car service. Normal?  Well… luxurious amounts of silk, soft cushions, ridiculous amounts of bling, scents, flower garlands and feather boas etc etc is normal, right?

Where as other transport options stop there, it’s just the beginning for Tara. She loves weddings and refuse to be dragged away from fun events. . Roll on Tara in high heels! –  the funniest, funnest and belliest, wedding entertainer ever. Only tears at your wedding will be the tears of joy over you and tears of laughter over Tara.

And then, how could it get any better? Well, when every other means of wedding transport has drifted off home with hardly a goodbye, Tara nips behind a suitably sized bush, sprinkles 1.15oz of unicorn dust on herself … and … ‘Shazam’ … turns into the most fabulous, high tech, photo booth you will ever, ever, see. Multiple cameras, touch screen, digital animations, professional lighting, 360 degree video mounted high, UV and laser lights and support from her friend Dougie-the-Drone who can be used as the most sophisticated selfie camera available. All under the complete control of guests and without any unwanted interference from her dad (me).

Later, in the evening or the early hours, when everyone is too ‘happy’ to notice, Tara slips away and is driven home by her boyfriend, Otto (A hunky German camper van)…..

Midlands, Cambridgeshire, West London and beyond

Tara's Dad 2019

Tara did go in for the local village's

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