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If you are anything like me, you are so over the boring ‘same old, same old’ weddings and photography. They are not reflective of life! It’s the experiences shared over time that shapes the present, should that not be key to your big day?

I know love is everything, but isn’t it the adventure of getting there what made it so exciting?

Let your imagination run wild, travel the land and take risks; do it all with love. At the heart of your wedding should be your story, the exciting and the nerve-wrecking parts.


To get all of this in each individual image sounds impossible, right? Wrong. You’ll find me laying across the ground, dangling from trees and other dubious position to get that perfect, storytelling shot.

When I pick up my camera, I get a rush. My mind becomes active, filling with ideas of how to use the space and what photos to take. It feels so amazing to do what I do; I love my job, I love people and watching their stories unfold.


So what should you expect? Well, we’ll laugh and we might even cry, but all in all we will create amazing images that you will be in awe of for years to come. I dread my photo being taken, I get it, but if you trust me it will all be worth it. 

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Featured on Want that Wedding blog, featured in Pretty&Punk and Your Yorkshire Wedding Magazine

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