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For the month of October, Unconventional Wedding is launching its “WE ARE WEDDINGS” campaign across social media including instagram & instagram stories. It’s open to everyone. You don’t have to be an alternative wedding supplier to join in. So here is the background. 

We (the wedding industry) have been left battered and bruised so far this year. We are all going through the same storm but on different journeys. And this storm shows no sign of getting better in the short term. But through all of this we know that …


Against the tough backdrop of this year, I’ve been personally blown away by how wedding suppliers have helped each other. We’ve offered shoulders to cry on, given advice, provided safe places to rant, drank lots of coffee, helped make people smile, shared each other posts… even created crazy challenges to keep us distracted from the craziness that has happened. We have been there for each other. Because …


So what is “WE ARE WEDDINGS” and why now? 

‘WE ARE WEDDINGS’ is a 31 day campaign a bit like meet the maker. Each day there is a little challenge. You can do as much or as little as you like. Some days you may not feel like it and that’s fine. Some days you might do a couple of posts – that’s fine too! Anything goes. First and foremost it is about sharing the love about your business and about others. 

Why now? Engagement season is coming over Christmas/New Year and into Valentines 2021. Yes it may be quieter than previous years but this is our bread & butter. Couples will get engaged. Couples will get married. Love will find a way. So lets get ourselves back out there now before people get their heads down for Christmas & make sure that our wedding business comes out of this stronger than ever before. 


So here we go! You can grab the 31 day plan from here (see image below), our suppliers facebook group, or, facebook page. 

A couple of tips 

  • Use the hash tag #weareweddings on all your posts 
  • Share the love. Don’t be afraid to share someone else’s business and put a smile on their face – that is what it is all about 
  • Some of the days can be either about your business or someone else’s – you choose 
  • Make sure you tag everyone – there is no point sharing the love if you don’t show them 
  • Always do photo credits – its just not cool otherwise! 
  • You can do as little or as much as you like. We are all on different journeys and if your head isn’t there one day, have a break
  • We’re not asking you to trash your insta feed with 31 days of #weareweddings – you can use your insta stories & still get inolved 

And of course, Unconventional Wedding, will be keeping an eye on #weareweddings throughout October and sharing our favourite posts from members and non members alike. We’ll be posting the challenges in our suppliers facebook group as well.

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