Canine Couture from Corsetry and Couture


Having your dog at your wedding is extremely popular. Our dogs are often our best friends so why would you exclude them from your wedding day! 

That being said, including them can bring up some challenges so here is our top advice and tips to include your dog on your wedding day. 

1. Choose a
dog friendly venue

Before you book your wedding venue, make sure they allow dogs onto the premises. The last thing you want is to book your dream venue and then be told no!

Make sure you understand if there are any restrictions on your pooch, for example, some venues request that animals are kept on a leash. If you are stopping over, make sure your dog is allowed in the bedrooms.

Vicki Clayson Photography
Vicki Clayson Photography
Dave Fuller Photography

2. make plans in

Make sure you have made your plans in advance and communicated to your suppliers. Some examples include: 

  • Your dog is only around for the ‘getting ready’ part so make sure you tell your wedding photographer to grab the photos with your dog then.
  • Your dog will arrive to deliver the wedding rings. Tell your wedding celebrant or registrar so they know about it. Make sure your dog knows the person walking them down the aisle, so they feel comfortable. 

 Agree in advance when your dog will be leaving. 

Tasha Park Photography
Kirsty Rockett Photography from Dud & Gina's Bank Holiday Wedfest
Susan Denton Celebrant

3. book a
dog sitter

You are not going to have time on your wedding day to look after your dog/s. So, booking a dog sitter, or assigning a family member or friend to look after them, is the best way around this. Make sure they know what time to arrive and when they are leaving.

4. make sure your
dog is happy

This one is super important. Do not make your dog do anything they do not want to do and always be considerate of their welfare. 

For example, if they are not particularly good in crowds, they will probably hate your wedding reception. Instead arrange a quieter time to get photos with them for example at the start of the day.

If they get over excited, they are not going to be good at walking down an aisle carrying your wedding rings. Get them involved either before or after the ceremony instead.

It is sometimes worthwhile doing practice runs but be aware that on the day with lots of people it is hugely different. 

Dave Fuller Photography
Dave Fuller Photography
Leesha Williams Photography from our blog Celestial Wedding featuring Coco the Pug

5. don't lose your
wedding rings

Of course, you want your dog to be the cutest ring bearer with the sweetest bow walking down the aisle. But do you really want to trust them with your wedding rings? It is a clever idea to put a fake ring pouch on your dog and keep the rings safe with your bridal party. Everyone will think your dog has delivered the rings!

6. get a
cute outfit

Whether you fancy a bowtie or mini tuxedo, making sure your pooch has a cute outfit is a must. 

7. plan for
food and water

An obvious one, but you will have a lot on your plate. Make sure your dog has enough food, water and of course a few treats. They will also need space to go to the toilet and rest. Packing a few favourite toys helps too.

8. be aware of

If one or more of your guests is allergic to dogs or even afraid of them, you will need to plan around this. Sometimes having extra antihistamines on hand helps, but on occasions you may need to leave your pooch at home. Making guests and the venue aware is key.


Canine Couture from Corsetry and Couture
dog wearing tutu at wedding - dogs at weddings
Kirsty Rockett Photography
Susan Denton Celebrant by Gin Fizz Photo
Doodah Photography
Dave Fuller Photography
Doodah Photography
dog walking down the aisle at wedding - dogs at weddings
Doodah Photography

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