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If you want to submit a real wedding or blog to be featured on Unconventional Wedding then you are in the right place! We accept photoshoot from ‘Unconventional’ wedding suppliers too. We’d love to hear from you!


Here are some pointers to submit a real wedding or blog to our site!

  • Let us know who you are, what you do and where you are based
  • A short description of what you are submitting and why its ‘Unconventional’
  • Include a link to a dropbox folder, or similar, with ideally 10-20 photos. Please don’t send photos direct to our inbox as it clogs it up!
  • We love new and exclusive content so you’ll need to tell us if the content has already been featured on another wedding blog or in another wedding publication. If you’ve already had it published elsewhere it doesn’t mean we won’t feature your work we’ll just have to understand where the material has been shared to date. We ask for exclusivity at the point we publish your content
  • Its absolutely ok if any photos have already been published on your own website or social media
  • Please ensure you have the permission of all relevant parties to use the photos – most importantly the couple and photographer (as relevant)
  • We prefer colour – but we do feature some black & white photos! 
  • Any written content submitted must be unique – please don’t send us copies of previous content you might have written or submitted to other blogs. Replication of content is not good for anyone. 

Send the above to We promise we will look at every submission sent to us and you’ll usually receive a response within 72 hours. If there is a delay we’re most likely drinking cocktails on holiday but please do chase us just in case its got lost in the inbox or the dreaded spam folder!

If successful you’ll then need to send us 

  • All the photos relating to your submission. They all should be web-sized
  • No watermarks on the photos please – they simply just don’t look good on our website!
  • Full credits for all those involved in any photos – this should include name, business name, website link and facebook / instagram tags. This should be sent in Word or similar editable format


By submitting to us you need to accept our terms and conditions – you can view them by clicking here. As per these T&C’s we reserve the right to edit your submission and may contact you for more details if required.

Asian fusion alternative wedding photoshoot - unconventional wedding

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