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Are you bored of the same flat, blind, unpersonalised or too trendy wedding invitation you see everywhere? Break the rules, express your personality through unique origami invitations that unfold to reveal all the details of your big day! 

My quirky wedding invitations are perfect if you are looking to create something that is more interactive and engaging than a flat invitation. In each of my origami invitations, such as the heart shape, the plane, fortune-teller, boat, tipi, envelope, as you unfold each layer, new information is unveiled. One of my favorite things is to unfold your love story with emotive and colourful designs packed with details about you, your venue, your theme, your passions or any tiny details that will make your invitation more memorable. 

Surprise your guests, they won’t be able to resist unfolding and refolding your playful invitation! 

My name is Cat, designer, passionate about innovative and unconventional papers. I truly believe stationery is emotional paper to treasure. I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding and love story to transform it into an interactive, fun, magical invitation made just for you.

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