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One of the questions we always get asked is how on earth do you start planning your wedding day! You’ve just got engaged and ahead of you is this amazing journey but how do you jump on the wedding planning train? 

Well fear not, we’ve asked some of our amazing Unconventional Wedding experts to give us their top five tips to getting started with your wedding planning. These are not to be missed!


As Linzi from Outdoor Wedding Planner ‘that black & white cat’ weddings says 

“Setting up a separate email means that you can walk away from wedding planning if you need a break. It also means that both of you are involved from Day One and things are easier to find than cluttering your personal inbox with everything else. You can also turn it off afterwards!”

Photo Hannah Brooke Photography from our blog Dark Boho Elopement – Autumn Wedding Ideas 

Agree your Priorities

As Jodie from Alternative Wedding Planner ‘Ella Bella Weddings & Events‘ says 

“At the start write down your priority list and then another list for ‘nice to have’. This will  help you keep within your budget. This can be done with everything, suppliers, flowers, and guest list.

As Holly from Wedding Planners ‘Revelry Events‘ says

Discuss what the most important aspects of the wedding day are to you both – perhaps it’s food, headcount, location or music. If you know where your priorities are it will really help you figure out how to put together your budget later down the line

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Tip 3
Set a budget

Always always set a wedding budget. It’s a really important first step to starting planning your wedding day. 

As Holly from Wedding Planners ‘Revelry Events‘ says 

“No one enjoys talking about money, but you need to grit your teeth and agree on a number to avoid running out of money or getting into debt. How much have you got put aside, how much can you save, and who else might be able to contribute? Knowing how much you are working with will help you set your priorities for spending.”

Alternative Bride wearing ombre colourful wedding dress by bexbrides with purple belt - behind is a disco wedding set up with streamers - Daze photography 1
Photos Daze Photography from our blog Disco Festival Wedding at Yurtshire
Bombay Sapphire Wedding- Same Sex Wedding- Unconventional Wedding- This And That Photography- industrial wedding photo
This & That Photography from our blog Bombay Samphire Gin wedding 

Tip 4

Doing your research upfront into potential wedding suppliers is crucial. You need to check they have the same vibe and you can afford them!

As Bex from Bridalwear Designer ‘Bexbrides‘ says 

Don’t just book appointments randomly. Message suppliers in advance with your requirements. This usually includes your wedding date, your vibe and budget. Those worth their salt will engage with you and allow you to narrow down your shortlist to those who can work with your ideas / style and vice versa.

As Fran from Eco Wedding Florist ‘Limewood Flowers‘ says 

My top tip is to know their budget and trust their suppliers enough to tell them it. I think we have all been there after spending time chatting with couples and writing quotes for them to turn it down flat as too expensive when they wouldn’t tell you their budget. It doesn’t help anyone

L&G Same sex wedding at Hidden River Barn, Carlisle - confetti shot - sunflower wedding - nottingham wedding planner
Photo Kirsty Rockett Photography from our blog Dud & Gina’s festival wedding weekend

Tip 5

And throughout it all you need to communicate with each other. 

As Holly from Wedding Planners ‘Revelry Events‘ says

“Our best tip for those first few weeks of planning your wedding day is to communicate! Let’s hope now is not the time you find out your partner has been secretly dreaming of  a biker wedding while you’ve been lusting after a rustic barn do, but we suggest you talk about it just in case.

You both might have different ideas on the size, style and location of the wedding day so it’s time to put all your cards on the table. You want to make sure your ideas are in sync right from the start, and if they aren’t, find room for compromise where you need to.”

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